The steak. If 1 meat dish is often mentioned as the tastiest piece of meat on the BBQ, it is the steak. Steak is actually a corruption of the word ‘beefsteak’ which in English is a collective name for different types (more on this in a moment). Fun fact to kick off with or not!

A tender steak
A good steak is one that you can almost cut with a fork. So it must be nice and tender. The tenderness is partly determined by the amount of connective tissue in the meat. The younger the beef, the more tender the meat (which is why veal is so wonderfully tender).

In addition, it is important to know that your steak is a muscle. The degree of muscle use is therefore important. A muscle like the “hare” has never really been active. This gives a slacker muscle structure but an enormous tenderness. Finally, muscles consist of long ‘fibres’ that you have to interrupt to actually take the tension off. That is why cutting ‘perpendicular to the wire’ is necessary.

What types of steak are there?
If you ask us, there are only a few ‘real’ steaks. These are the rib eye, sirloin steak, tenderloin and round steak. Of course a real butcher will be able to tell you dozens of other steaks, but this is the real ‘big four’ for us. Of course we have a slight preference here for a steak with some fat (because fat is taste) so the rib eye takes the cake in our opinion.

Steak abroad
A common problem is that you don’t know exactly what to order while on vacation. We often have our phone to hand to quickly google the names of dishes. It is therefore important to know the basic steaks. This way you always order your favorite piece of meat! To help you, we have created a translation table with all common names for (among other things) steak abroad! Think of the translation in English, French and German. You can find this table here. Bon Appetite!

How do you cook the best steak on the BBQ?
You only need a few things to cook the perfect steak on the BBQ. Of course a BBQ where you have to be able to grill indirectly. This is important because a steak of about 300 gr. is achieved by the reverse sear method. Here you grill first indirectly (away from the coals) and then directly (directly above the coals). A (digital) core temperature meter is useful for this. With this you know exactly what the cooking of your steak is. That way it really can’t fail.

Finally, the steak has a general method of preparation that applies to all types of steaks. It is mainly about which cooking you like best. If you like it raw, grill the meat to a core of 48°C and let it rest. Do you want to play it safe and medium it more? Then ee

A core temperature of 53°C is perfect. Let the meat rest for about 5 minutes after removing it from the BBQ. Then you have the juiciest result!

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