The Kamado BBQ
You see them everywhere: the kamado BBQ. But what exactly is a kamado? What can you do with it and why would you buy these often expensive BBQs if you can also grill on a ‘normal’ kettle BBQ? In this blog we take you along the most important points such as the characteristics, maintenance and of course ideal dishes.

What is a kamado?
A kamado is a ceramic BBQ. The idea originated in East Asia. There they have been baking dishes in clay ovens with the familiar shape for centuries. However, the Japanese have devised the well-known model with the egg shape. So smart guys! Fun fact: kamado means in Japanese: ‘oven / hearth’. The biggest difference between a ‘standard’ kettle BBQ and a kamado is the material. The kamado is made of strong ceramic. This has the property that it can withstand and retain heat extremely well. Ideal for grilling at a low or high temperature. In principle, a regular BBQ can also do this, only it loses heat faster and you will have to work a little ‘harder’ to keep your temperature stable.

Nowadays you have a lot of suppliers of kamado BBQs. The best known is Green Egg, the famous green ‘egg’. This leading brand has become an indispensable part of the BBQ landscape and also has a huge number of fans. This is mainly because they were the first to introduce the kamado to the market. They therefore have a lot of experience in the development of their ceramics. Even NASA would be involved in this. Fat anyway!

Another well-known brand is Kamado Joe. This American brand has been making huge strides in recent years. We have one ourselves and have become real fans. The material is extremely sturdy and durable. In addition, it is a brand that distinguishes itself by continuously innovating with interesting accessories. A good example is the SloRoller. A tool to optimally spread the smoke through the BBQ during low & slow sessions.

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